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VAP/EES Horizontal Vortex Pump

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EAP/EES  pump ranges complete with a vortex impeller for solids handling applications. A broad size range conforms to DIN 24255 standard capable of handling a large range of liquids with solids up 30mm in suspension. Available with impeller diameters up to 500mm.


  • Compact design with small footprint
  • No alignment required
  • Dimensions to DIN 24255
  • Complies to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Gentle pumping of sensitive liquids, such as salt crystal
  • Special volute casing, tuned to the hydraulics
  • Big free passage even by small flow rates


  • Comprehensive range with 42 sizes
  • Impellers trimmed to contract duty
  • IE3 motors for energy saving
  • Semi open vortex impellers also available


  • Freedom from clogging by solids
  • High, sustained efficiency
  • Large, open spherical channel
  • Reduced wear
  • Low life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Long service life (MTBF)
  • Economic storage, thanks to its modular design

Operating range                                                                

  • Nominal dimensions:   DN 32 – 200 mm
  • Flow rate: up to 1500m3/h
  • Head  up to 65m
  • Flange ratings EN1092 ,  ANSI 150RF
  • Pressure: up to 15 bar
  • Temperature: up to 140 °C


  • Water supply:

Municipal and industrial wastewater

  • Every kind of sludge
  • Heating circulation, Air conditioning
  • High concentrations of fibrous suspensions
  • Industrial liquids chemicals

Chemical and crystalline suspensions

  • All viscous materials
  • Numerous abrasive and corrosive fluids

– Seawater
– Oils solvents and process liquids
– Aqua-culture
– Eletrophoretic paint

Working pressure                                                                

Cast iron pumps are capable of a working pressure of 16 bar. With higher rated flanges, cast steel and stainless steel pumps can be supplied for higher working pressures. All pumps are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the rated working pressure.

Mechanical seal                                                                 

Virtually any make and type of single, double or cartridge mechanical seal may be fitted.

Spare parts                                                                     

All EAP/EES pumps are fully supported by a generous inventory of spare parts available from stock. Contact the dedicated spares with us 


Castings in a variety of materials are produced in the company’s own ISO 9001 foundry in Bristol, using the Replicast method to produce porosity free castings by shell moulding. Castings can meet EN10204 and ASTM standards where required.

– Cast Iron
– Ductile Iron
– Cast steel: ASTM A216 Grade WCB
– Stainless Steel: ASTM A351 CF8M, CF3M, CF8, CF3
– Duplex stainless steel: ASTM A890 Grade 1B
– Super duplex stainless steel: ASTM A890 Grade 5A
– Titanium: ASTM B367 Grade 2
– Hastalloy C: ASTM A494 Grade CW-12MW
– Cast bronze: BS1400 grade LG2
– Other grades available on request.