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flushing Methods for Sump Pump

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Flushing Methods for Sump Pump

Remove grit from pumpedfluids to safely flushbearings and seals.Pumpshandling dirty fluids risk damage to the mechanical seal and line shaft wet bearings if they are not continuously flushedby clean fluids. When clean water is available, it can be routed through small diameter tubing forlubricating and cooling purposes. However, clean water is often unavailable, too costly and sometimes the addition of water cannot be tolerated. In these cases, a cyclone separator can be employed to remove dirt and grit from the fluid being pumped,before safely using it forthe seals and bearings.

The sump pump chooses the common impeller structure and new mechanical seal to transport solid and long fibers efficiently. Compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller uses single runner or double channel method. It is similar to a section of a large section of the bend tube, with very good overflows, with reasonable cochlear chamber, the pump has high efficiency and dynamic balance experiment of impeller, so that the pump has no vibration at work and low noise.

The equipment and maintenance of the pump are difficult, and the equipment is in a mess. Therefore, the application of the pump in the fluid should be based on the condition request, and the reasonable application and maintenance cycle should be worked out. The repair and maintain the breakdown before failure, and reduce the abnormal failure rate and facilitate the disassembly, and reduce unnecessary parts damage and reduce work costs.

In the process of application of the pump, the appropriate sealing method is selected according to the actual conditions: packing seal or mechanical seal. The pump in the long axial fluid pumps the liquid directly out of the individual outlet pipe, and the axial direction of the pump does not have a liquid leak. Therefore, the shaft seal is not required normally. However, if the liquid is toxic, volatile and not allowed to leak into the atmosphere in a closed container, the shaft seal is required.

According to the different pump medium, the scour method should be selected rationally. In the working process of YW liquid sewage pump, it is necessary to flush the bearing and sleeve to reach the cooling and smooth effect. The accurate selection of scour method affects the safety of pump. There are two kinds of flushing methods for YW submerged sewage pump: self washing and external flushing:

1. Self-flushing method: the flushing method can be used when the pump medium is the cleaning medium. In the pump outlet flanges, a pipe is brought out to flow the flushing liquid to each sliding bearing, smooth bearing and take away the heat of the conflict, and the bearing temperature.

2. External flushing method: when the pump medium is included in the smaller particle medium, it needs to take a line from the outside, the cleaning fluid is introduced to flush the bearings and remove the heat from the side of the conflict, while avoiding the solid particles entering the conflict. In the sewage treatment system, the external flushing method is more common.