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Pneumatic Submersible Pump

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 EBB3-36 Pneumatic operation Submersible pump

   The pneumatic Submersible pump for Marine       

 EBB3-36 type pneumatic pump is a kind of explosion-proof air operation Submersible pump, EBB3-36 type pneumatic pump is widely used, safe and reliable, can work continuously, EBB3-36 type pump is pneumatic operation pump

EBB3-36 type pneumatic pump is a mechanized tool with compressed air as power medium, which has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, safe and reliable, and continuous operation.

EBB3-36 Pneumatic operation submersible pump is widely used in shipbuilding, coal mines, construction, power stations, chemicals and other industries of sewage, water drainage and irrigation, but also flammable, explosive and other bad work of the only ideal tool

DATA OF EBB3-36 Pneumatic Operation Submersible Pump 

Head: ≥20m

Flowrate: ≥335min

no-load speed: 6000rpm

load gas consumption: 50L/S

Air Pipe Inner Diameter: 13mm

outlet thread: G11/2in

Pump Height: 500mm

Pump Weight: 17kg



Capacityunloading(r/mi n) 


Air Pipe Dia(m m)Thread (i n) 


Head(m)Capacity (l/


Pneumatic Submersible Pump
Pneumatic Submersible Pump