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pump inducer function-multi-stage pump inducer function-centrifugal pump inducer function

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centrifugal pump inducer function
centrifugal pump inducer function


pump inducer function , multi-stage pump inducer function, centrifugal pump inducer function

   The inducer is installed in front of the first stage impeller of the centrifugal pump. It is called the front inducer. When the liquid flows through the inducer, it works on the liquid to increase the energy. It is equivalent to adding work energy to the liquid entering the rear impeller, which is equivalent to The liquid entering the rear impeller is pressurized to increase the suction of the pump.


The centrifugal pump inducer is an axial flow impeller with a low blade load (only a few meters lift), a small blade installation angle, a small number of blades, and a dense cascade of cascades. It has high inhalation performance. The lift generated by the inducer acts to pressurize the centrifugal impeller behind, and the suction performance of the multistage centrifugal pump is improved, so that the suction speed of the centrifugal pump can reach about 3000. At present, the design method of the inducer is an empirical design method based on the test. There are usually two design methods: one is a flat cylindrical inducer design, and the other is a curved-leaf tapered inducer .