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Hydro Pneumatic System EHPP

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       In multi-story buildings without water tanks, water pressure is provided to the top stories by a series of pumps. These pumps have to operate continuously to maintain adequate pressure – even when no water is being used. A hydro-pneumatic system uses pressurized tanks to store water at required pressures. This allows water supply pumps to run only when the tanks need to be refilled. Reduced pump run-time means reduced energy usage.


    •  Auto ON/OFF as per water requirements
    •  Optimum utilization of all pumps by cascading effect
    •  Cascading of pumps after each high-pressure CUTOFF
    • Dry run protection using pressure sensing
    • START/STOP Delay times to prevent pumps from frequent ON/OFF
    • Thermal protection by using thermostat inside motor
    • Protection against phase reversal & Single phasing
    • Motor burning protection by using current based cut off
    • Automatic changeover of pumps during operation
    • Monitoring pump running time in PLC
    • Indication of error signal in BMS screen
    (Parameter monitoring BMS compatibility available on request)
    • Use of standby pump as a duty assist at increased demands

    Conditions of applications                                                         
    • Liquid: Clear water without any contamination
    • Temperature: 0 to 90 C
    • Site conditions: Maximum ambient temperature 55 C
    • Min Suction Pressure: NPSH of the Pump + 1.5m
    • Voltage: 1PH – 110 to 240 V, 3PH- 380V to 440V

    • CT(Fixed Speed) Controller: Fixed speed controller with PLC to START & STOP system as per water requirement. Device used for pressure sensing is Pressure Transmitter
    • CV(Variable Speed) Controller: Variable speed Controller with PLC to Smooth START & STOP the system as per requirement. Device used to sense pressure is Pressure Transmitter. This contains single external VFD to start pump smoothly & cater small water requirements efficiently
    • CM(Multi VFD) Controller: Variable speed controller with PLC and individual VFD, START and STOP all pumps smoothly as per requirement. This controller increases the pump and system life, reduces pump maintenance, operates all pumps at there maximum efficiency

    • Domestic water supply
      • Residential & commercial buildings
      • Irrigation of small farms
      • Hotels, Resorts, bungalows, Villas, apartments etc.
      • Horticulture irrigation