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Multistage Split Case Pump EMKS

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    EMKS is interchange of RDLP, which is a two stage in back-to-back arrangement, axially split casing, single suction pump which has been developed mainly for high pressure membrane feed in Reverse Osmosis(RO) desalination applications.

    Innovation has been at the center of the EOW development. As a result, the EMKS pump benefits from:


    • A significantly more compact arrangement of the pump hydraulics
    • Top class efficiency according to market needs
    • Back to Back impeller design and compact structure
    • The meticulous design approach combined with Eu-Flo’s experience have resulted in a pump that performs to the highest efficiency level, whilst providing our customers with a robust, reliable, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective pump.
    • The Suction and discharge nozzle can both end or one end view from driven end.


    • Hydraulic configuration with two single suction impellers offers a compact design, with extremely low NPSH values and top of its class efficiency
    • Special opposed, dynamically balanced impeller design for ideal axial thrust balance, increasing the overall pump efficiency by avoiding the use of balancing line
    • Single, balanced, cartridge mechanical seal. Option for API 682 mechanical seal is available
    • Sleeve journal and duplex angular contact thrust bearing as standard. Sleeve journal and pivot shoe thrust bearing with force oil lubrication system is available
    • Robust split flanges based on heavy duty API standards
    • Reduced wear parts clearances by using PEEK or honeycomb, to increase pump efficiency.
    • Dynamically balanced impeller that minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life


    • Municipal water supply and distribution
    • Flood pumping station
    • Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Water transport and Circulation
    • Desalination
    • Irrigation, drainage
    • Industrial water treatment
    • District cooling / heating
    • Plumbing & sanitary
    • HVAC
    • Fire- fighting
    • General Industries
    • Power Plant
    • Metal Smelting
    • Mineral
    • Marine & offshore
    • Oil& Gas

    Operation Range:                                                                    

    • Capacity: up to 1388.88L/s (5000m3h), if you need special performance, EU-Pump can offer tailor-made pumps for your application
    • Head:, up to 390m(1280ft), if you need special performance, we can offer tailor-made pumps for your application
    • Temperature, up to 160°C, the declaration should be cleared before the project inquiry if the temperature >80°C
    • Working Pressure, 1.0Mpat /1.6Mpa / 2.5Mpa /3.0Mpa which depends on the application.
    • DNs(Suc), up to 800mm or tailor design. Flange standard can be DIN, ANSI,AS,JIS,GOST or other standard