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End-Suction Pump Model ISO

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eu-flo’s Single stage End-suction pumps are one of the most common types of centrifugal pumps.They are almost always single stage pumps,and one of the most cost effective types of centrifugal provide a range of materials of construction, sizes, and designs for applications involving water at ambient temperature, abrasive slurries, high pressure and high temperature viscous oils, and corrosive chemicals.

Single Stage End-suction pumps usually have one impeller and a volute type casing. They work when the pumped liquid increases velocity as it moves along the vanes of the impeller; then the liquid moves into the volute casing, where a diffusion process converts the high velocity to high pressure.

Most are driven by an A.C. electric motor, though D.C. motor driven pumps are available. Other options include hydraulic motors, diesel engines, steam turbines and gasoline engines.

Single Stage End-suction pumps come in two configurations: a frame-mounted pump,in which the pump has its own set of bearings and a coupling separating the pump and motor; and a close-coupled, meaning the pump impeller attaches directly to the driver shaft with no separate coupling between them; and end suction pumps are used in several types of industrial, commercial and even residential applications. They are often priced competitively because they are readily available from many pump suppliers.

Standard water pumps are typically close-coupled and constructed with plastic or standard iron. For some heavy industrial applications, the end-suction pumps are mounted on a bedplate with a coupling separating the pump and motor. These are often available in stainless steel or more exotic alloys, or plastics for corrosion resistance. The hardened iron options are ideal for slurry applications in dredging, minerals processing and mining.

Once fitted with open impellers for potential solids handling, end suction pumps can also be used in chemical or food processing applications. A closed impeller option would be used for relatively clean water and oil services. The pump shaft can be sealed from the environment in a variety of ways. And the end suction pumps may be designed to specific standards such as the ANSI B73.1 standard for chemical pump services or the API 610 hydrocarbon processing standard.

EIO/EIH/EIJ  type is the single stage, horizontal end suction pump with closed, semi-open or open impeller suitable for handling water, chemicals and corrosive liquids that is tailor-made to your special projects. EIO/EIH/EIJ type end suction pump can be supplied according to both ISO2858 and ISO5199 standards. The pumps are designed for light duty service and mainly used to pump the liquid with high temperature, big viscosity, and mixed with solids. the pump are available in cast iron and a range of corrosion resistant materials suitable for use in the food,­ chemical and waste industries, as well as in general industrial applications where corrosion resistance is required.


  • ISO 2858 standard to ensure dimensional interchangeability with other pumps of the­ same standard.
  • Back-pull-out construction allows rotating assembly to be withdrawn without disturbing­ the suction and delivery connections
  • Designed for 16 bar working pressure with optional casing for a working pressure of­ up to 20 bar. A robust and solid construction that guarantees long life even under high­ suction pressure conditions.
  • Double volute design available for selected pumps. It eliminates radial load by­ balancing the hydraulic force of the liquid within the pump casing, extends seal and­ bearing life and minimizes vibration and noise.
  • Special optimized semi-open or open impeller with high efficiency, that is suitable to pump the liquid with solids and stripes without clogging or the liquid with high viscosity.
  • Standard foot support construction, it is also can be centerline support or vertical
  • The shaft sealing is optional for single mechanical seal, balanced Mechanical seal and soft packing. Option mechanical meeting API682
  • Optional stuffing box cooling jacket allow the pump to transmit high temperature liquid.
  • Heavy-duty, deep-grooved bearings with minimum 50,000 hours operating life under­ normal condition
  • Grease lubricated sealed-for-life bearings require no maintenance, options of oil lubrications
  • Standard finned bearing bracket can be cooled by fan to ensure long bearing life and stable pump working. If necessary the cooling jacket can be supplied.
  • Full Range Pump to meet vary demand of you designed Capacity and head.
  • Heavy duty service design, the shaft can absorb the huge and unstable torque.


  • High Efficiencies and reduced energy consumption , Advance and modular design with fine production that is supplied by EU-Flo Pump.
  • Suitable for complicated and special service duty.
  • Completely technical support and project consulting.
  • Comparably high efficiency as compared with similar products in the market.
  • Wide performance range and optional tailor-made design service to allow you to have a reasonable project design.
  • Long lifetime and easy maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty, oil lubricated angular-contact ball bearings with a minimum of 50,000­ hours operating life ensure long life and reliability. – –
  • Labyrinth seal can be fitted to seal out water or other harmful contaminants. – Oil temperature indicator is available to indicate oil temperature. –
  • Stuffing box cooling is available to meet the high temperature service requirements. – Bearing housing cooling is available for pumping liquids above 110 C.


  • Municipal water supply
  • Flood pumping station
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Water Circulation
  • General Industries
  • Power Plant
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Plumbing & sanitary
  • HVAC
  • Fire- fighting
  • Metal Smelting
  • Mineral
  • Marine & offshore
  • Oil& Gas

Operation Range                                                                           

  • Capacity

up to 1000L/s (3600m3h), or as per tailor-made.

  • Head

up to 160m(530ft), or as per taitor- made.

  • Working temperature

up to 120°C

  • Design pressure

1.6Mpa / 2.5Mpa

  • Dis Flange

up to 500mm or tailor design. Flange standard can be DIN, AS,ANSI,JIS,GOST or other standard.