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Submersible Sewage Pump with Mix Fan

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    EWQ/J are single stage, single suction pumps with overhung non clogging impeller. Pumps can be offered in stationary as well as transportable arrangements. The stationary arrangement is supplied with pump connector unit and the connector unit is connected to pump support bracket with rubber diaphragm to make it leak proof joint.


    Pump casing:                                                                       

    The radially split casing is provided with delivery nozzle cast integral with it. Suction is axial and delivery nozzle is central and horizontal. Specially designed” cutter fan ” to agitate liquids easy sediment. Wide volute passage ensures non-clogging operation of the pump.


    Impeller :                                                                         

    Impellers are of non-clog type which allow smooth passage of solids.

    Impellers are with double vanes in enclosed,  channel type

    Cutter Fan is option for

    Shaft: The high tensile Stainless-steel shaft accurately machined and ground is supported by two ball bearings in the motor above the impeller. Shaft is designed to transmit the power without undue vibrations and deflections. The shaft is common for pump and motor of mono-block design.


    Mechanical Seal                                                                    

    Two mechanical seals in tandem arrangement are provided to ensure no ingress of water or sewage in motor.



    Pumps can be supplied with “Cutter Fan” arrangement at suction to agitate the liquid



    Bearings are oil lubricated and sealed for life, hence maintenance free.


    Direction of Rotation:

    Clockwise when viewed from motor top.


    Drive:                                                                         :

    Motor is dry type submersible and cooled by liquid being handled.

    Motors are air tested for leak free operation.

    Degree of protection for motor is IP68 as per IS:2147

    Class of insulation : F 

    Voltage : 380V-460V ±10%

    Frequency : 50 Hz/60Hz. ±5%

    Type of starting : As per requirement



    A specially designed cable, 1.1 kV grade having annealed tinned copper conductor, insulated with Electron Beam Irradiated cross-linked elastomeric compound (compatible for continuous operation at 120℃ cores laid up with a proof cotton binder tape and sheathed overall with Electron Beam Irradiated Cross-linked HD HOFR elastomeric compound and generally conforming to IS 9968 Part l. The cable with this unique combination of insulating and sheathing material offers best resistance to acidic or alkaline sewage medium and to the effluent gases coming out of the sump. The cable is more flexible than PVC cable making coiling and handling easier and light in weight compared to PVC cable of the same size.


    Material Available   
    Pump PartMaterial Combination
    Cast IronDuctile IronCF8CF3M
    ShaftSS 420F304
    Seal housing


    Basic Data:                                                                       


    up to 3056L/s (11000m3h), or as per any request.


    up to 60m(196ft), or as per any request.

    Working temperature

    up to 40°C


    up to 600mm or special design. standard can be DIN, ANSI,AS,JS or GOST.