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Chemical Axial Flow Pump HAF/VAF

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    Model HAF/VAF Horizontal/vertical axial flow pump in pumps of single stage and vertical type, the liquid flows along pump shaft and is delivered at the pump outlet. the head is low and the capacity is large, so HAF/VAF pumps are chiefly used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, also suitable for water circulation in power plant, municipal water supply, water level changing of dock and other water conservancy projects. The pumps can deliver clean water or other liquids with the same physical and chemical properties as water. the application range is excellent. the temperature of liquid pumped should be lower than 50℃.



    Installation Options:

    A: Single foundation, Pump and motor are installed in the same foundation with outlet above or under foundation.

    B: Double foundation, Pump and motor are separately installed in itself foundation with outlet between the two foundation

    Pump shaft is made of high grade S.S or carbon Steel and is supported by two rubber or plastic bearings with water as a lubricant.

    In contact with rubber or plastic bearing is the shaft sleeve which is coated with a film of chromium in order to upgrade the anti-corrosive and anti-wearing effect.

    The capacity and head of the pump can be changed by changing speed or adjusting vane angle according to performance table if necessary.

    The axial force of pump is borne by the thrust bearing of motor or the thrust bearing of pump.


    Due to the motor and pump constitute an organic whole, no need to align, time consuming installation at site, motor, drive mechanical, water pump axis of the assembly process, installation is convenient, fast.


    Due to run into the water, the pump can greatly simplify the civil and structural engineering, reducing installation area, save the project cost 30~40%.


    Low noise, no high temperature in the pump installation, improve the operation environment, according to requirements into underground pump station and keep the environment features of the ground.


    Diving axial flow pump, motor drive pump is dry fully enclosed diving three-phase AC motor, can run the water for a long time, a traditional unit series of incomparable advantages.


    Sealing by Using glass fiber, the high temperature sealing materials such as (R)PTFE, P84,can run under the condition of high temperature above 200℃.


    no sensitive of block by dust and influence the usage.