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Mechanical Seal CR/CDL

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Single or double face mechanical seals are used to seal the shaft gland. Sealing is achieved through axial sliding faces which are pressed against each other by spring force and this prevents them opening when at rest. The stationary part of the mechanical seal usually sits in a housing and the rotating unit on the shaft sleeve. In the sealing gap between the sliding faces a lubricating film is generated by the pumped medium in order to prevent the sliding faces running dry.


The standard mechanical seal eu-flo’s can be used universally, even with abrasive media, and is also characterised by its ease of maintenance due to the small number of components. With the double face mechanical seal two seals are arranged one behind the other so that an additional space occurs between the sliding face of the sealswhich in turn can be supplied with a pressurised external sealingmedium. This ensures that no product can escape into the atmosphere.


eu-flo – designed by MRI and EASY TO ASSEMBLE. The metal-free mechanical seal is characterized by its high service friendliness. Disassembly is quick and easy from one side. Changing from CS to CST is also uncomplicated and quick. In contrast to conventional mechanical seals,eu-flo’s consists of innovative materials that ensure a long service life. The seal is completely metal-free so that components cannot corrode. Both the housing and the sealing cover are made of durable plastic, which can handle high temperatures of up to 130°C without any problems. eu-flo’s also offers the advantage of integrated service flushing so that occasional flushing can be performed easily and cost-effectively.

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Our Mechanical seal model CR   is widely used for GRUNDFOS-PUMP.  The normal material
combination include SIC/SIC/viton/machined ss304,TC/TC/VITON/machined ss304 and SIC/
SIC/VITON/SS304. we also can make changes as customers’requirement or totally design a
new type of mechanical seal to meet clients’needs.


Operating Limits:

Pressure: ≤1.0MPa

Speed: ≤10m/s

Temperature: -30℃~+180℃

Rotary Ring (SiC/TC)

Stationary Ring (SiC/TC)

Secondary Seal (NBR/VITON)

Spring &Other Parts (SUS304/SUS316)


These mechanical seals are used for stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps.

They are suitable for use in Grundfos pumps:

CR1 / CR3 / CR5 / CR10 / CR15 / CR20 / CR32 / CR45 / CR64 / CR90 water pumps, O-ring assembly type

CRN1 / CRN3 / CRN5 / CRN10 / CRN15 / CRN20 / CRN32 / CRN45 / CRN64 / CRN90 water pumps, O-ring assembly type