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Non-negative Pump History

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Non-Negative Pump History
Non-Negative Pump History

non-negative pressure water supply pump packing Development history of pump manufacturers in china

non-negative pressure water supply pump packing Development history by pump supplier of eu-flo

The non-negative pressure water supply pump packing is a pressurized water supply package directly connected with the municipal water supply pipe network, and the non-negative pressure water supply equipment is connected in series with the residual pressure of the municipal pipe network to ensure that the municipal pipe network pressure is not less than the set protection pressure ( It may be a secondary pressure water supply device that is a pressure of 0 relative pressure and a pressure of less than 0 pressure. The core of the water supply equipment for pipe network (no negative pressure) is how to prevent the generation of negative pressure during the operation of the secondary pressurized water supply system, and eliminate the impact of the operation of the unit on the municipal pipe network, while ensuring that the water consumption of nearby users is not affected. Achieve safe, reliable, smooth and continuous water supply.

The non-negative pressure water supply pump packing is also called the pipe network superimposed water supply equipment. At present, there are mainly tank type non-negative pressure water supply pump packing and box type non-negative pressure water supply pump packing.

development path: the superimposed water supply technology was first developed from Japan. In the mid-1980s, Japan began research on this aspect. The research content is not limited to the technical level, but also the market demand, administrative management and law, urban high-level building water supply model been Discussions have also begun. The direct water supply system was included in the national policy “The long-term goal of the transformation and reconstruction of the water supply system for the 21st century” by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the water supply design code was revised accordingly to provide water pressure for the service of the water supply pipe network. From the original 0.15Mpa to 0.2MPa, the state has provided corresponding funds to build a laboratory of a certain scale in Chiba Prefecture, and organized a group of scientific research institutions, water supply enterprises, scholars and product manufacturers. After the preparation of the funds, the research on “direct water supply” was carried out. It is planned to complete the research of “promoting the direct water supply system” with three years of time and do a lot of research on related topics. The Sapporo City Waterway Bureau of Japan began to implement a new secondary water supply plan in 1992. In that year alone, 68 buildings were supplied with water supply by superimposed water supply equipment, and the original water tank was cancelled, and the effect of the transformation was evaluated quite well. The professional water company DAREYET Water Group of the United States has been committed to the development of new technologies for secondary water supply, and has successfully promoted the use of superimposed water supply equipment in the United States and around the world. By the end of the 1990s, pipe network superimposed water supply technology has been widely used in Japan, the United States, Western Europe and other countries.

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