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Pump Selection Indication

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Pump Selection Indication
Pump Slection Indication

Choose a pump indication by one the pump manufacturers in china

How to purchasing pump by the pump supplier of eu-flo

The flow rate of the pump, that is pump discharge water capacity, should not be chosen too much, otherwise it will increase the cost of purchasing . Should be selected as needed, such as the self-priming water pump used in home, the flowrate should be selected as small as possible; for example the submersible pump used for irrigation in home, the flowrate can be appropriately selected biger.

1) It is necessary to purchase a water pump according to local conditions. There are three types of commonly used agricultural water pumps, which is centrifugal pumps and axial water pumps and mixed flow pump.The centrifugal pump has a high head, but the water capacity discharged is not large, and it is suitable for mountainous areas and well irrigation areas. The axial flow pump has a large water capacity discharged, but the head is not too high, which is suitable for use in plain areas; the water capacity discharged and head of the mixed flow pump are between the centrifugal pumps and the axial pump, it is suitable for use in plains and hills. Users should purchase according to the local conditions, water source and water lifting height.

2) It is necessary to properly select the pump. After determining the type of pump, it is necessary to consider its economic performance, paying particular attention to the choice of the head and flowrate of the pump and its supporting power. It must be noted that the head (total head) indicated on the pump plate is different from the head of the water (actual head) when used, because there is a certain resistance loss when the water flows through the water pipe and the pipeline. Therefore, the actual head is generally 10%-20% lower than the total head, and the capacity of water dishcarged is also reduced accordingly. Therefore, in actual use, it can only be estimated from 80% to 90% of the head and flow rate of the name plate. The choice of pump power can be selected according to the power indicated on the name plate. In order to make the pump start quickly and safely used, the power of power machine can also be slightly larger than the power required by the pump, generally about 10% higher; if there is power, when purchasing the pump, you can purchase the pump according to the power of the power machine.

3) It is necessary to purchase water pumps strictly. When purchasing, it is necessary to verify the “three certificates”, that is, agricultural machinery promotion licenses, production licenses and product inspection certificates. Only three certificates can avoid the purchase of obsolete products and inferior products.

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