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Pump Installation Heigh

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Pump Installation Height
Pump Installation Height

Centrifugal pump installation height Hg of pump manufacturers in china

Centrifugal pump Installation Height Hg by Pump Supplier of

Allowable suction vacuum height Hs is the maximum vacuum that can be reached by the pressure p1 at the pump inlet.

    The actual allowable vacuum height Hs value is not a value calculated according to the formula, but a value determined experimentally by the pump manufacturer. This value is attached to the pump catalogue for the user to reference. It should be noted that the Hs value given in the pump catalogue is the value when the water is used as the working medium, the operating condition is 20 ° C and the pressure is 1.013 × 105 Pa. When the operating conditions and working medium are different, the conversion is required.

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