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Pump Testing Device
Pump Testing Device


Pump Testing Desk
Pump Testing Desk

pump performance Testing Centre Composition of pump manufacturers in china

pump performance Testing Centre Composition by pump supplier of eu-flo

The  Pump  Testing centre of the complete pump Performance Testing Desk should include the following main parts

1). Power source

2). Transmission system

3). Measurement and control system;

4). auxiliary system.

Pump performance test Desk Applications:

Electrical measurement type:

  1. A complete set of microcomputer automatic test system should be including the following equipment:

1) GA drawings of pools and pipelines;

2) One Electric power Control panel;

3) Flowrate sensor

4) Pressure transmitters;  2Set

5) Current Transformers; 3 Set

6) DC dual-arm bridge;

7) Pump product parameter measuring instrument; 1 set;

8) Pump product testing software;               1 copy

 9) One popular Computers in current

10) One Printer;

   For  Torque type:

In addition to the above devices, the following devices is needed.

Torque speed sensor.

Pump Performance Testing Report.

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