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Self Priming Trash Pump TSP

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    TSP Self priming trash pumps  no-clog centrifugal sewage pump is our latest generation pump product base on advantage technology and crafts ,This pump is a ideal for economical & trouble-free operation in handling solid-laden liquids and slurries.


    TSP are designed to maintain the flow of large volume of water containing mud, sand, sludge and other wastage with no external assistance. They are also available in various models that do not require additional priming systems. They usually operate powerfully under irregular flow conditions due to hard and soft solids present in the water.

    TSP Self priming trash pumps provide cost-effective and long term solution for various applications. They include waste water transfer, irrigation, food processing and industrial plants. The ease of maintenance, energy efficient and high level of performance makes these pumps ideal for numerous water supplying applications.


    TSP Self-Primer pump design allows for a shim-less, tool-less impeller adjustment and ease of suction flap valve replacement.



    • Self-priming
    • Semi-open Impeller & Vortex
    • The Sawtooth wear plate 
    • Fill Port Cover and Clamp Bar Assembly
    • EU-Flo’s TSP Coupled Set Self Priming Non-Clog Pump
    • Self Priming Monoblock Pump as Options.


    • Requires very low maintenance
    • No need to disturb piping for installation
    • External assistance not required for functioning
    • Horizontal as well as vertical installation possible
    • Long life
    • Scalability guaranteed
    • Motor shaft mounted impeller to minimize any run out
    • Mechanical seals supplied with pumps
    • Cost effective solution



    • Municipal and industrial waste water
    • Automotive
    • Metal machining
    • Beef/pork/poultry processing
    • Production/manufacturing
    • Pulp and paper
    • Dewatering
    • Tanker truck unloading
    • Mining and minerals
    • Drilling mud recovery
    • Winery
    • Food and beverage


    • Water and waste water
    • Food and beverage processing
    • High pressure pumping (Industrial)