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Coating Improving Efficiency&Performance

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Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating Axially Split Casing Pump


Coating Improving Efficiency&Performance

Efficiency&Performance Improvement Program for New & Existing Pumps up to 3-5% on new pumps, and up to 8% on those already in service. Improve value addition by Repair & Protection thus Extending Service Life of Pumps.

The need to improve operational efficiency & performance of Pumps: The pumps are the heart of any system that handles fluids – the second most common piece of machinery used in general industry. Pumps use mechanical forces to move fluids namely gases, liquids, or slurries from one location to another what is referred to as a hydraulic passage. The hydraulic passage is the trajectory followed by the fluid inside a pump, and it depends on the design of each pump.

The transfer of fluids accounts for the largest single use of energy worldwide with millions of litres pumped from one location to another every second of everyday worldwide, it is therefore understandable that the rising cost of energy has lead to all energy intensive Industries such as Cement, Sugar, Steel, Textile, Fertilizer, Paper & Pulp, Refinery, Aluminium, Petrochemical etc., to look for solutions to improve operational efficiency of Pumps.

A major problem is increased turbulence caused by the detrimental effects of erosion & corrosion. This leads to rough and pitted surfaces which in turn, increase drag, therefore reducing the efficiency of the system. In fluid dynamics, water molecules on the pump surfaces are stationary. Discrete water molecules in the flow behave as separate entities creating vortices and cross-currents which result in energy losses in addition to those arising from skin friction, which still continues to be exerted next to the boundary layer, in a thin film known as the laminar sublayer.

The energy cost of a pump represents the largest portion of its lifetime costs – much more than the capital cost. In fact, operating costs can represent as much as 95% of the overall lifetime costs of the pump. Therefore, an improvement in energy efficiency will represent a significant reduction in lifetime costs. Deterioration in service can reduce efficiency, leading to as much as 10-15% extra energy consumption.

The Devcon’s 111760 Brushable Ceramic Solutions

DEVCON ‘s high performance BRUSHABLE CERAMIC 11770&11760

Reclamation Putties are used for the repair and maintenance of pumps in the form of rebuilding compounds with the ability to rebuild corroded components back to OEM’s original specifications and 11770&11760 in-situ coatings offers low friction surface that protect the substrate against damage from corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack by producing renewable working surface, protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate at much lower costs compared to replacement. The coating’s hydrophobic nature makes the water simply roll off the surface and wear by abrasion is minimized by its encapsulated blend of lubricating agents and abrasion resistant fillers. Moreover, the pump is rebuilt and returned to service within a few days, saving the client from many weeks wait for a new replacement pump.

Devcon’s corrosion and erosion resistant material – it is possible to not only restore flow rates, but also increase the efficiency level to beyond that when it was newly installed due to low surface tension. The material allows an ultra smooth surface that reduces turbulent flow, thereby increasing efficiency. The smoothness on the surface of this type of coating (Gap Fill 0.0625″-0.0725″) is 20 times greater than polished stainless steel (Ra 1.19um). Also, being a solventfree coating, health and safety risks are reduced during application and is recommended for contact with potable water.

The resultant reductions in power consumption result in typical returns on investment from 3 months to 6 months depending on the size of the pumps. Even the refurbishment of pump components that once would have been considered ‘scrap’ can be realized. It will increase the efficiency of a pump over its “as new” condition giving a rapid payback in reduced energy costs. When applied to fluid flow equipment, this type of coating has been proven to improve hydrodynamic performance by increasing overall efficiency through reducing power consumption, increasing fluid flow rate or pressure.

We make the research and testing a smaller split case pump HSC150-460, the pump Efficiency improving 3% with same impeller diameter:

As Apendex 1 and Apendex 2

Testing Performance Curve2
HSC Testing Performance Curve 2
HSC Testing Performance Curve1
HSC Testing Performance Curve1

Product Advantage

Restore worn surfaces on old parts

Extend part life on new products

Protect against abrasion, erosion and corrosion

Resist chemical attack

Increase component efficiency

Save replacement costs

Reduce spare part inventory

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