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Variable Speed Booster Pump VSBP

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Advantages of choosing a Variable Speed System                                         

  • A Complete Variable Speed Booster System consists of an independent variable frequency drive and pressure transmitter for each pump in the booster system.Why use a Complete Variable Speed System?
  • It provides 100% redundancy for variable speed operation
  • Each pump in the system is controlled by a separate and independent VFD and pressure transmitter
  • When there is demand for water, the pumps start one at a time in a lead/lag fashion and satisfy the water demand
  • The system maintains constant pressure regardless of the variation in water demand
  • If one of the working pumps/VFDs/pressure transmitter
  • breaks down, the standby pump with its own VFD & pressure transmitter automatically take its place
  • This setup is essential for critical applications such as industrial process, hospitals etc.


  • Two or more number of pumps Automatic variable speed operation based on water demand Provides 100% redundancy
  • Delivers constant high pressure
  • Extremely energy efficient operation
  • Reduced mechanical & electrical stress on pumps
  • Equipped with industrial grade components
  • Includes necessary shut off valves, NRVs and headers
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • System is completely factory assembled & tested
  • Ability to maintain constant system pressure
  • Password protection against unauthorized tampering
  • Alarm notification and history recording, data memory retention without battery
  • Lifetime on site flash technology memory program updates.
  • SMS for status and alarm report. (Latest Technology)
  • Special feature of the HYDROLOGIC Smart Pump Controller



  • Space saving due to compact design:

The device is small-sized, supplied with complete sets and required to be assembled on site only within a short construction period. It is easy for installation and has no special requirements for the foundation of pump house.

  • Energy saving as system response is based on actual demand:

The pressure-superposed water supply installation using a negative pressure-free network is directly linked to the network of pipes for tap water, in which the original pressure of the network is fully utilized and the pressure as required is properly supplemented, such that when the tap water pressure is satisfactory, such water supply installation stops working automatically and the water supply is performed totally by the network. In this manner, it saves up to 50% – 90% of energy consumption.

  • Maintenance free:

The secondary pressurization system is the main facility to cause secondary pollution, especially to water pools or tanks. The water supply installations operate in a fully-sealed way. For this reason, it is not necessary to build new water pools or tanks and the secondary pollution is avoided, thus guaranteeing water quality.

  • Maintain constant system pressure:

The device is directly linked to the tap water network without any water tanks. Therefore, it is free of secondary pollution, and free of expense of water treatment facility.

  • Reduction in water surge during pump stop:

The device is of a fully-sealed construction to avoid dripping, leak or infiltration of water tanks, saving the cleaning water regularly needed.

  • Intelligent, advanced in technologies used and products, and reliable in quality.
  • Low in operation costs
  • The device runs in parallel on multi-pump system. Only one pump works with the frequency converter before water consumption reaches the peak, achieving low operation costs.
  • The pump body, valve, piping, and flow stabilizer tank for the device are made of hazard-free food-grade stainless stain with extra care.


Control panel  Options:

  • Control panel components Options brand: ABB/Siemens/Schneider/China Brand
  • One set of variable speed starter panel c/w HYDROLOGIC controller.


Water Tank

Optima Volume Design, the water tank options of heat insulator material for freezing Proof or heat proof., inter coating with NSF Standards anticorrosion.

Service:  can be supply site installation and commissioning if needed and extra cost.


Manufacturing facilities
Food processing plants
Beverage bottling plants
Chemical industry
Water parks

 Pharmaceutical industry

 Military bases