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Fire Fighting Pumps

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Fire Fighting End-Suction Pump

Fire pump is a part of fire sprinkler system’s water supply. When the pressure in sprinkler system risers and standpipes drops below a threshold, fire pump starts to provide water flow at a higher pressure.

Powered by electric motor or diesel engine, fire pump contains below 4 main types: horizontal split case fire pump, end suction fire pump, vertical in-line fire pump, and vertical turbine fire pump. They are centrifugal pumps with high efficiency at transferring water over a wide range of flow and pressure. A Jockey pump is a small multistage centrifugal pump connected to a branch fire pipeline to maintain system pressure to a high level.


Bearing: Increase size bearing for long bearing life and smooth running Impeller: Shrouded impeller design provide high efficiency & low hydraulic thrust. Design: Hydraulic design provide high efficiency, low NPSH & stable characteristics:

  • Single stage horizontal centrifugal fire pump
  • Available with electric or diesel drive
  • Back pull-out design allows easy maintenance
  • The heavy-duty power frame of the CPP incorporates additional oil cooling and heat dissipation
  • Robust 316SS sleeved shaft (as standard) for extended seal life
  • Vertical discharge on the center line
  • Enclosed impeller design ensures maximum efficiency
  • Standard Inpro/Seal® bearing isolators
  • Double row thrust bearing that provides minimal shaft end play for extended mechanical seal life


Performance Range:                                                                          

  • Discharge Diameter: 32mm to 350mm
  • Suction Diameter: 50-400mm
  • Capacity range: 5m3/hr~1100m3/hr
  • Max working pressure: 16BAR (40 bar on request)



Product Type:

 Electric motor or diesel engine driven fire pump sets with air cooling & water cooling

NFPA20 Package




First-Class international technical standards and inspection equipment.


CCCF/FM certification represents the world’s highest technical standards of fire certification, but also means that certified fire products must withstand the most extreme, harsh test process, the purpose of certification designed to verify whether the product meets the performance, safety and quality requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of property protection.




Large hotels, hospitals , schools,office buildings,supermarkets, commercial residential buildings, metro stations, railway stations, airports, kinds of transportation tunnels, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, terminals, oil depots, large warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises, etc.