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Centrifugal pump use in metal smelting of pump manufacturers in china

Centrifugal pump use in metal smelting of pump supplier in china

Mineral Pump of Eu-flo

Mining Industry Pump

Whether on the surface or underground, the conditions in mines are harsh. Besides the mud, slurry, stones, and rocks, there are large volumes of water to remove in order to keep production moving. Eu-flo pump and other process equipment operate reliably in demanding mining applications, where durability and performance are key factors.


Mining Industry Pump

There are many applications for pumps in the mining industry. Centrifugal pumps, slurry pumps, submersible pumps, magnetic drive pumps and diaphragm pumps are just some of the pumps used in the mining industry.

Slurry Pumps

Slurry pumps are usually submersible pumps, peristaltic pumps or centrifugal pumps. They are used to transfer slurries, which can be thick and/or abrasive. One of the most abrasive slurries is produced in the process of benefaction. Pumps for acidic chemicals and abrasive slurries must be able to produce high flow rates and operate under high pressure.

Every situation is different and it is crucial to select the correct pump models and types if you want to create and maintain a high-efficiency pumping operation. It is also important to choose the right materials for rubber or metallic lining depending on application. At Pump Solutions china, our customer service staff has a great deal of knowledge about all of our product lines.

We can also provide access to dedicated customer service personnel from various pump manufacturers if needed for large projects.

Mine Dewatering Pumps

Simple submersible pumps can often be used for mine dewatering. Their advantage is that they can be submerged in water, thus ensuring that they are always primed. The water also acts as a cooling agent for the pump motors. The pumps are hermetically sealed, as are the power cords, to ensure that no fluids get inside of them.

Other Processes

We also carry a variety of pumps for mineral processing, reagent dosing, tailing, water supply, boosting and wastewater transfer.

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