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EU-Flo pump is a professional pump manufacturer in China. EU-Flo pump dedicates to design and manufacture the excellent pumps according to international technical standards, such as ISO2858, ISO5199, EN733,API610, ISO13709 or specified project requirements by users from the world market.

EU-Flo Pump can supply the full range of pumps solution to water& sea water, waste water, petroleum & chemical liquid, oil&gas, juice and food, Mineral, The pump category including (single stage and multistage) axially split case pump, , API610 All Kinds, end Suction Pump, Closed-coupled pump, vertical inline pump, multistage ring section pump (horizontal or veritcal type), Axialy Flow& mixed Flow pump, slurry pump submersible pump, and self-priming pump.

Beside our standard currently designed and manufactured pumps, EU-Flo Pump also the qualified pump expert to design and manufacture the special pumps that is we called specially tailored

Pump range for water,chemical,Oile&gas

EU-Flo Pump have many years of expericence of international market, the pump they manufactured are using in the world key projects such as water supply, chemical liquid, petroleum oil, other corrosive liquid, juice, sugar, especialy liquid with various corrosive agents, flammable, high viscosity, high temperature or big gravity. We supplied a huge volume of pumps and systems for many international key projects and the pumps have been working well.  Hope both of us hand  In hand  to create a brilliance future.