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Centrifugal pump use in Oil&Gas of pump manufacturers in china

Centrifugal pump use in Oil&Gas of pump supplier in china

Pump for Oil&Gas Application Descripiton

Upstream or downstream, the oil and gas market consists of all interstate and intrastate natural gas, crude oil, and refined products pipelines.                                                                                                         eu-flo has many years of experience providing pumps and pumps systems products and service solutions for oil and gas applications, from normal crude oil pumps overhung to between bearing to Vertical Turbine, these are typical trunnion ball valve replacements to save space and weight.                                                                                                            As a manufacturer of highly engineered products, we are committed to continuously developing precision technologies that improve our customers’ ability to control the flow of these natural resources, and that overcome the most demanding challenges. Other applications might be:                                                                                                                        
Auxiliary systems  
Cooling water installations
Fire fighting systems
Ballast & bilge systems 
Potable water installations 
Fuel oil installations

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