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Centrifugal pump use in pharmaceutical industry of pump manufacturers in china

Centrifugal pump use in pharmaceutical industry of pump supplier in china

Industrial pumps are widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry to process, unload, mix and transfer liquids. Since a many different types of liquids need to be handled within the pharmaceutical industry, high-quality, efficient and versatile pumps are required. eu-flo Pumps carries a wide range of pharmaceutical pumps to meet these application requirements.

Our inventory of pharmaceutical pumps includes centrifugal, flexible impeller, diaphragm, rotary lobe and submersible pumps. Other pumps used in pharmaceutical applications include drum and container pumps, used to unload liquids efficiently, leaving little trace of liquid in the container. Stainless steel pumps are also frequently used for pharmaceutical applications due to their corrosion resistant and high-performing capabilities. Browse our pharmaceutical pumps below.

Common contaminants in pharmaceutical processing industries are water and airborne particles/ infections. In pharmaceutical environments, microbial, chemical and human contamination is the major source of contamination. Pharmaceutical industry follows one of the most stringent hygiene standards as compared to food, beverage and cosmetic industries. In the production of pharmaceuticals, hygiene and process reliability are crucial.

Centrifugal pumps are ideal for this kind of work because they are designed specifically to maintain product integrity and consistency. The advantages of using centrifugal pump are:

  • During restriction in liquid flow, a centrifugal pump will max out on the pressure at its dead-head pressure. This will not cause any damage to the system and it is easy to say able to work at medium to low head
  • Can deal with large volumes of liquid
  • Small in size, which saves a lot of space
  • Low capital cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • No danger creates if discharge v/v is closed while starting
  • Is able to work for medium to low viscous fluid
  • Continuous pulsation free delivery

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