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FOWE/FOWM Horizontal Split Casing Pump By Engine/Electric Motor

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FOWM/FOWE is the axially split case pump, single stage, double suction pump. FOWM is the horizontal single stage motor driven split case pump and FOWE is the single stage engine driven split case pump. The FOWM type horizontal split case pump and FOWE type split case pump have the same performance. FOWM/FOWE split case pump is pump featured with high efficiency and reliable performance. Due to the excellent performance and high quality from EU-Flo Pump, the pumps are widely selected by the users all over the world for their primary liquid pumping equipment in fire fighting.



Industrial fields: All petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, oil fields, pipelines bureaus, oil repositories, oil terminals, oil refineries, offshore platforms, etc.; National grain storages, thermal power plants, steel plants, shipyards, paper mills, etc.;

Commercial Field: five-star hotels, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, office buildings, large-scale commercial complex, highway tunnels, subway stations, railway stations, airports; Fire-fighting Engineering Companies;


How It Works:                                                                                 

The most common split case pump is a single-stage, between bearing, non-self-priming centrifugal volute pump. The design of the pump allows for easy removal of the pump’s top casing to enable easy access to the pump’s components without disturbance with the motor or the piping system.

The independent bearing casing allows for easy maintenance without the need for removing the pump’s top casing. The pump’s double volute design minimizes the radial load on the shaft, increasing component life and reducing vibrations to provide a quiet operation.

Key features:                                                                                  

Complete compact structure

Horizontal installation and running smoothly

Vertical installation available by Angle Gearbox

Tailored to the customer’s required standards and specifications

Configuration for NFPA20 / FM / UL up to 4000 US gpm

Good suction characteristics, also with higher speeds

Fully Operation Range on Performance

Less wear and perfectly Efficiency

Easy maintenance without disturbance on piping / drive

Select Models Available in alternate materials with FM approval




We are the member of NFPA among Chinese pump manufacturers. The production of our fire pump groups is strictly in accordance with NFPA20.

We are the specially manufacturer in the world who have both UL/FM certification for fire pump and the fire-fighting diesel engine, also the only UL Witness laboratory in Asia for fire-fighting pump and fire-fighting diesel engine.

With lots of patents.