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Vertical Turbine Pump VTC(VS1)

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    VT/VTC is VS1 Typevertical Long Shaft Turbine pump (sometimes called long-shaft  pump) with centrifugal impeller, multistage and volute design. VT/VTC vertical turbine pump is completely according to API 610 10th application and performance request designed. The VT/VTC  vertical Long Shaft turbine pump is driven by standard vertical compact motor or driven by horizontal driver (electric motor, diesel engine) by the right angle gear box. The underground column and shaft is divide into several sections, so VT/VTC type Long shaft vertical turbine pump is flexible to get the desired length to meet the deepth of the well. VT/VTC  type vertical long shaft turbine pump can offer any tailor-made according to the project request.


    • 3D design used in the whole design process and CFD analysis and being embodied with knowledge and experience of the fluid experts in EU-Flo
    • The shaft sealing is optional for mechanical seal and soft packing


    • The long column is divided into several flanged type sections, it is flexible to get your desired length.
    • The long shaft has several sections that is coupled together by sleeve and fixed inside sleeve bearings to ensure the coaxial.
    • Sand collar are used to stop the sand or solids.
    • Sleeve type liquid lubricated bearing has long life time.
    • Upper stood is possible to tailor-made.
    • Heavy duty service design, the shaft can absorb the huge and unstable torque.
    • guide vane design ensure axial thrust minimum
    • Vertical or Horizontal installation both available

    Two construction of VT/VTC


    • Advance and modular design with fine production that is supplied by EU-Flo Pump.
    • Sleeve bearings are made of fine material or supplied by famous brand, like Canada Thordon.
    • Flexible column length.
    • Supper technical team and find production to ensure the tailor-made and best quality.
    • Complete testing system to ensure the performance before delivery.
    • Many choices for material, cast steel, all kinds of stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and steel alloy.
    • Excellent pumps with fast delivery.
    • Epoxy coated parts submerged inside the liquid.
    • Wet pit installation for lower NPSH request of condensation


    • Condensation of Power Plant
    • General Industries of Process for oil and liquids
    • Food & beverage
    • Fire- fighting
    • Fertilizers
    • Biofuels
    • Metal Smelting
    • Marine & offshore
    • Oil& Gas

    Operation Range                                                                          

    • Capacity

    up to666.6L/s (2400m3h), or as per tailor-made.

    • Head

    up to 245m(803.8ft), or as per taitor- made.

    • Working temperature

    up to 100°C

    • Design pressure

    1.6Mpa / 2.5Mpa

    • Nozzle

    up to 500mm or tailor design. Flange standard can be DIN, AS,ANSI ,JIS,GOST or other standard.