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Axially Flow Submersible Pump EHQ

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EHQ Axially Flow Submersible Pump

Submersible axial flow pumps for direct installation in discharge pipes save space and installation costs. These pumps are intended for large flows and moderate heads for stormwater, land drainage and flood protection. The EHQ sewage from commercial, municipal and industrial sources. Thanks to its semi-open impellers, trouble-free pumping of liquids containing solids and fibrous material is ensured. The compact units are lowered into standard steel tubes and need no anchoring. Their own weight is sufficient to hold the units securely in position. The robust design and quality materials ensure high operational reliability and hydraulic efficiency up to 86%.


  • 3D design used in the whole design process and CFD analysis and being embodied with knowledge and experience of the fluid experts in EU-Flo Pump.
  • Vertical construction to save your construction spares.
  • Smaller Pumping stations and less complex and more cost-effective to build
  • Optional shaft sealing for single seal mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, cartridge mechanical seal and soft packing.
  • less space while noise and motor cooling problems are eliminated
  • Large volumes of water within low-to mediium-head.


  • Optimum hydraulics optimized by CFD analysis and the fluid experts from EU-Flo Pump
  • Low NPSHr and high efficiency.
  • 3D design to ensure nice performance and excellent construction, High Efficiencies and reduced energy consumption by designing the pump’s BEP to customer duty point
  • Many choices for material, cast iron, cast steel, all stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, bronze for your different application.
  • Wide performance range allow you to have a reasonable project design
  • Excellent pumps with fast delivery.
  • Absolutely dynamically balanced rotor prolong the lifetime and supply stable performance.
  • Large scale production and any time spare parts supply and technical support.


  • Flood and storm water control
  • Large-Volume drainage and irrigation
  • Raw Water intake
  • Circulation of large quantities of water, e.g. in water parks
  • Water-level control in coastal and low-lying areas
  • Filling and emptying of dry docks and harbor installations
  • Filling or emptying of reservoirs
  • Treated sewage
  • Cooling water intake in power stations
  • Processing and discharge water
  • Sugar industry
  • Dock Equipment(ship buiding)
  • -and other low to medium head/large volumes applications

Operation Range                                                                                 

  • Capacity

up to 1528L/s (5500m3h), or as per any request.

  • Head

up to 50m(164ft), or as per any request.

  • Working temperature

up to 60°C

  • Tube Diameter

up to 1000mm or tailor design. Flange standard can be DIN, AS, ANSI,JIS, GOST or other standard.