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After-sales Service

We provide a large range of pump types to our clients, tailoring to their needs in cost, delivery and application expectations. With our wealth of specialist experience and knowledge we aim to serve the demands of our customers and provide after sales support through our qualified Service engineers & Engineering Team.
Our service engineers team can supply install your entire system or individual components there of. Or we can provide you with made-to-measure technical support.

After-sale services content:
1. We provide free technical advice and answer questions on-site;
2. Quality guarantee period within12month since manufacture date but easy damage parts no including.
3. Within The Quality guarantee period the parts of pump will be replaced free charge providing suffer damage which is no artificially caused.
4. If there is any problem during installation, we will provide support or after received notice and guide users to installation.
5. We can provide the following value added service if customer needed

After service guarantee:
1:On-site repairs
2:Factory repairs
3:Preventative maintenance
4:Training for the customer’s personnel
5:Set-up and modification of systems
7:Remote diagnosis via telephone
8:Maintenance and maintenance agreements
9:IRevision service

During for sale, on sale, after sale period, if you have any problem, our company will reply you or resolve it immediately.