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Maintenance of eu-flo

Regular cleaning and servicing does not just maintain the value of your system, but also provides protection from unanticipated failures and saves you a great deal of time, trouble and money.
This service is provided by our trained technicians . Assessments and repairs are carried out in our in-house department or on site.
You can take out an annual service agreement or just call us when you need assistance.

Maintenance Solutions
made-to-measure maintenance plan to be best suitable for your requirement

Inspection and Diagnosis
we have experience expert and long-years-experience technicians .Inspection and Diagnosis result can be submitted in one official report with the best solution for the most suitable maintenance.
Comparison with Factory Test Data
by using a check sheet, we will record the actual running data of the pump. problems can be identified by comparing the data with factory test data.
Borescope inspection
During pump stopping time parts inside the pump can be visually checked by using Boresope.
Time & cost can be minimised because no dismantling pump .
Diagnostic system
Analysis can be executed only with portable diagnostic system. By analyzing the frequency of pump under operation, pump defects can be checked than conventional method..
Schedule and Flow of Overhauling

To avoid unnecessary replacement and/or mishandling during dismantling at site, please contact us before starting overhauling work.
We will make the most suitable overhauling plan for you, and send our highly trained engineers for technical advice.
There are two patterns of location at your site or at our factory.
Overhauling Location

at site:
Parts can be replaced at each pumping station instead of sending back the pump to our factory to reduce time & cost. In order to revive pump performance, genuine spare parts are essential. We will supply the parts for your pump, exactly same as the original design.

at our factory:
If you can send back your ordered Pump to our factory, your pump can be overhauled completely and performance will recover most original providing our demestic buyer
Replacement and Retrofit
we can diagnose your pump condition, and propose solutions for replacement and retrofit to meet your needs.

Replacing Complete Pump & Motor:

Replacing pump and/or motor to newly developed high efficiency type will lead your plants’ energy and cost saving.

Changing Sealing Type:

To save maintenance time & cost, one option is to change from Gland Packing to Mechanical Seal.

Adjusting to New Operation Point:

If Capacity or Head is changed from the installation time, then we can propose the most suitable driving point by various methods.

Changing Material /Ceramic Coating:

To resist corrosion & wear, changing material and/or ceramic coating is very effective. By new internal ceramic coating, performance improvement can also be expected.

Condition monitoring tool:

If pump has a diagnostic system and a flow meter, you can make more precise tendency management and state watching, and can do minimum maintenance contents.

Spare Parts:

In order to keep pump in healthy condition and/or to revive pump performance, genuine pasts from OEM is essential. Let us propose the parts to replace, and confirm the quality with your own eyes!
Also we can dispatch our excellent technical advisors for inspection, site work advice and any trouble shooting that you may require.

Please provide us of the following information, so that we can study your pumps and provide quotation for its parts.
A:Pump Manufacturing No.(MFG.NO.)
B: Parts No.
C: Construction Combinations, some special will duty point and Rotation Dirrection