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Pumps used in Food Industry of pump manufacturers in china

Pumps used in Food Industry of pump supplier in china

Pumps Application Description

In Food Industry especially in Sugar industry,pumps are used in the sugar industry for a wide range of applications. Pumping sugar cane juice, slurry, hot water, syrup, and handling magma/massecuite in the sugar and viscous liquids are some such uses. In addition, pumps are also used in sugarcane farms for irrigation.

Features and Application of Pumps in Sugar Manufacturing
•  Most suited for continuous operation and long life 
•  Designed for liquids containing rigorous solid suspensions
•  Wear resistant shaft sleeve
•  Adhere to international standards 
•  Covered by warranty

Types of material compositions used for Pumps in the Sugar Industry
•  Cast Iron- These are strong and wear resistant to make the process easy
•  S.S. & Gun Metal- Since the metal comes in frequent contact with liquids, these prevent corrosion
•  Bronze- These are tough and corrosion resistant
•  Pump Spares like, Shaft, Impeller, Casing, etc.

eu-flo pump is the vastly contributing supplier of pumps and spares for pumps in the sugar industry. Our pumps are most suited for continuous operation and long life.

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