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Centrifugal pump use Visual automatic oiler

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Centrifugal pump use of Visual automatic oiler
Centrifugal pump use of Visual automatic oiler

Centrifugal pump use Visual automatic oiler

Centrifugal water pump use Visual automatic oiler


Visual automatic oiler instructions

The 1741-V visual automatic oiler is designed for long-term stable lubrication and oil supply.

The visual auto-oiler consists of a medium-duty spring (green), a light-duty spring (orange) and a heavy-duty spring (black). When used, the correct spring is selected according to the lubricant. #0-#3 grease can be used.


All models of lubricant oilers (both manual and electric) have a standard lubricant coupling for grease to the oil cup and embedded fuses to prevent overfilling or cup pressure Too high.



Interface thread 1/8 NPTF

Interface (butter): standard

Capacity: 2.2 cubic inches, about 3300ml

Maximum pressure relief: 15PSI (about 1kg)

Lubricating oil pressure: see table below


Spring full cup empty cup 1. Screw the thread interface into the bearing to lubricate

337421-1 Orange 0.23kg 0.147kg Note: With a hex wrench, do not tighten the oil cup with your hand.

337421-2 Green 0.307kg 0.193kg Damaged

337421-3 Black 0.387kg 0.240kg 2. Use grease coupling to add grease

  1. Add grease to the following

Safe use specifications a. Side view if the plunger line to the lid angle is found.

  1. Please add oil to the oil cup according to the installation and operation instructions. Do not overfill b. Look down and find the indication point on the plunger to reach the red line of the cup cover.
  2. Carefully remove the lid and the lid is spring loaded.

Note: Once the oil cup is too full, too much lubricating fluid will flow out of the oiler’s lid and relieve pressure. All normal operations will be carried out.

Replace the spring:

Choose the right spring according to the grease.


Press and open the lid, then rotate the lid counterclockwise and release the pressure.

Note: The lid of the cup is equipped with a spring. It cannot be removed quickly and needs to be carefully removed.

  1. Remove the spring from the cup.
  2. Install the new spring into the cup

Note: Make sure the spring is installed in place on the cup and plunger

  1. Press and install the lid onto the oil cup and turn it clockwise until the pressure is right.




1 Remove the oiler from the bearing housing

  1. Open the lid as above
  2. Remove the spring from the cup
  3. Insert the stick into the center hexagon and push the plunger out of the cup.
  4. Gently clean the parts with a clean, soft cloth.
  5. When reinstalling, apply a layer of film on the oil cup and plunger with grease to lubricate.
  6. Press the lid under the hand and rotate it clockwise to the proper pressure.