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Pump Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

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Split Case Pump Faults
SPlit Case Pump Eu-Flo

Pump Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

capacity no enough or no out water

1:motor reverse

2:flow channel been clogging

3:density of medium is too high

4:required head too high or the pump head selection smaller than actual required head

5:impeller been wear

6:water lever is too lower and been suction air

7:check valve installation reverse   (way adopt to trouble shooting:)

1:correction motor rotation

2:clear the Debris, set a Filter Grille near by the pump suction

3:Diluted the flow medium with water

4:try to lower required head( for example to change big diameter pipe and smoother pipe, reduce the elbow qty, or increase elbow Arc radius, or change into higher head pump)

5:change pump impeller

6:adjustment Floating ball Switch position, Make the lowest level meet the requirements of the mounting dimension diagram

7:Correct check valve direction

2.Cannot start

1.Phase deficiency

2.Impeller jammed

  1. Winding connectors or cable breakers

4:Stator winding Burnout

5:controlling electrical faults

way adopt to trouble shooting

1、check the line, eliminate the problem of missing phase

2、remove debris, it is best to set the filter around the pump (but not in the pump inlet installation filter)

3、Repair after checking with ohm meter

4、Repair after checking with ohm meter

5、repair, replacement winding or stator

6、Stator Burnout     (reason maybe caused:)

1、the lack of phase

2、Impeller jammed

3、winding joint or cable circuit breaker

4、Stator winding burnout

5、Control electrical fault     (way adopt to trouble shooting:)

1、configuration protection Control electrical appliances and: Find out the line, clear the fault; remove the dirt, tighten the impeller fastening screws and stainless steel spring washer; dilute the medium with water; rinse and dredge the cooling system

2、Replace the mechanical seal or “O” seal ring

3、Tighten the fasteners of each part

  1. Too large current (reason maybe caused:)

1、Pipes and impellers are blocked

2、pumping liquid density or viscosity is high

3、the selected pump head greatly exceeded the actual needs, or the use of changing conditions, the device head greatly reduced, so that the pump over the recommended flow operation (way adopt to trouble shooting:)

1、Clean up the blockage in the pipe and impeller

2、Change the density or viscosity of the pumping liquid

3、off the small outlet valve, reduce the flow, or trim smaller impeller, or replace the lower head pump