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The way Analysis of axial flow pump vibration

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  1. hand rotation Difficulty: Pump shaft bending, bearing wear, pump unit non concentric, impeller touch pump shell.

Elimination measures: Straightening pump shaft, adjustment or replacement of bearings, re-Alignment , re-adjustment gap.

  1. Pump shaft Swing degree large: bearing and shaft neck wear or gap is too large.

Elimination measures: Repair the shaft neck, adjust or replace the bearing.

  1. Hydraulic unbalance: impeller unbalance, centrifugal pump individual vane groove blockage or damage.

Elimination measures: Re-calibration of the impeller static balance and dynamic balance, elimination of blockage, repair or replacement of the impeller.

  1. Axial flow pump shaft power is too large: the water level of the inlet pool is too low, the impeller submerged depth is not enough, the clutter winding impeller, pump cavitation damage degree is different, impeller defect.

Elimination measures: Raise the water level of the inlet pool, reduce the installation elevation of the pump to eliminate clutter, and set up a bar grille, repair or replace the impeller.

  1. Mounting base vibration: Poor foundation stiffness or loosening or resonance of bottom angle screws.

Elimination measures: Reinforcement of the foundation, tightening the The anchor

  1. Centrifugal pump unit efficiency decreased sharply or the efficiency of axial flow pump unit decreased slightly, accompanied by cavitation noise.

Elimination measures: Change the speed of the pump, avoid the resonance area, find out the cause of cavitation, take measures to eliminate cavitation.

  1. Pump inlet and outlet pipeline Support force is relatively large.