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High Performance Balanced Pump

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High Performance Balanced Pump
High Performance Balanced Pump

Higher Performanced Self-balancing horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump impeller adopts a back-to-back arrangement to substantially eliminate the axial force, and the residual axial force is bear by a pair of back-to-back angular groove ball bearings. Because there is no balance device, that is, eight the disc friction loss no balance return loss, the pump efficiency is increased by 5-1% compared with the multi-stage pump of the same category, and the various failures of the pump caused by the failure of the balance device are completely solved. Greatly extend the life of the pump:

High-performance sealing, mark: traditional mining multi-stage pumps are filled with packing. The advantages of packing sealing can resist solid medium, but there are leakage problems in the use of engineering, mechanical seals are leak-free, but used in medium with solids. The service life is very short. our new developed mining multistage pump produced The seal used is a high-performance seal that combines the advantages of a packing seal and a mechanical seal in a medium with solids.

Long-term use without leakage, this seal is a new type of patented high-performance seal resistant to solid medium and developed by our company.

The bearing housing never enters the water. This technology is a newly developed patented technology by our company, which ensures that the pump is in use and in a static state without liquid entering the bearing housing. This further extends the bearing service life of and reduces the user’s Maintenance costs.