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Trash Self Priming Pump

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Self Priming Trash Pump
Self Priming Trash Pump

Self Priming Trash Pump

Designed for economical, trouble-free operation, the superior solids-handling capabilities of the TSP Series Self-priming pumps make them ideally suited for a variety of applications including solids-laden liquids and slurries. The large volute design allows automatic repriming in a completely open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves.

Available in discharge sizes of three, four, six, eight and twelve inches, this line of self-priming pumps boasts capacities to 5285 gallons per minute (333.3 liters per second) and heads to 131 feet (40 meters). Pumps four inches and larger are engineered to allow up to three-inch diameter spherical solids to pass through any critical area, including the recirculation port.

TSP Series Self-priming pumps are available in several configurations, including a B version for higher head applications, close-coupled or engine-driven models. All eu-flo‘s TSP Series pumps are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Remove Solids Management System

The remove system features an aggressive self-cleaning wear plate incorporating a number of notches and grooves, as well as a patent-pending lacerating tooth, that helps break up stringy materials and pass them through the pump without impacting performance or interrupting service. A special back cover includes a patented lightweight inspection cover that can easily be removed if it is necessary to inspect the impeller. The innovative design greatly reduces troublesome clogging and expensive downtime.

TSP Trash Pump, pedestal and frame mount. Self priming centrifugal solids handling pumps designed for Municipal and Industrial applications. Frame mounted pump, no base or motor. For economical, trouble-free operation in handling solids-laden liquids and slurries. Performance will vary with pump speed, see performance curves. Values given are for maximum at 1750RPM.

The combination of different sized pumps, impeller trims and speed variations ensure that the correct capacity pump will be matched to the exact requirements of your system, whether it’s a small sub-division or a large waste collection system. These pumps feature a large volute design that allows them to reprime automatically in a completely open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves – and they can do it with the pump casing only partially filled with liquid and a completely dry suction line.

Base plates, motors and coupling guards are all available as options. See performance chart for flow and head at various RPM and impeller diameters.

Trash Self Priming Pump Characteristics of eu-flo pump

The TSP series Trash self-priming sewage pump is a new generation product developed by the latest technology of Domestic and foreign. The pump is single-stage, single-suction, horizontal, application for gas-liquid mixture. The rear pull structure eliminates the need to remove the pump body and piping.

The TSP series of self-priming pumps are specifically designed to handle solids-containing liquids for economical and trouble-free operation. The pump features anti-blocking, No winding, and strong sewage pass through ability. The front sealing plate of the pump is designed with a removable and clear-up hole structure to ensure quick and timely removal of strong dirt.

Application range

Municipal sewage, environmental protection engineering, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, fire protection, domestic water supply, factories, mining, agriculture, flower gardens, water reservoir, food, brewing industry, etc.

Performance range

Discharge diameter: 300mm

Flow rate: 130~210~250~1200m3/h

Head: 29~27~23m

Speed: 1480r/min

Motor power: 200kW

Maximum suction height: ≤7m

Maximum solid particles: ≤85mm

Specific gravity: ≤1.0~1.3

Structural features

  1. One-time irrigation, lifetime use: just fill the pump cavity through the irrigation hole before the first run, no need to refill after starting.
  2. The semi-open non-blocking impeller with hydraulic optimization design can pass the larger size solids and has strong sewage capacity.
  3. The connection mode of the threaded pipe without bolts greatly reduces the installation time.
  4. self-priming ability: Nearly impossible sealing gap, to ensure that the self-priming height reaches nearly 8m, while running high speed, greatly shortening the self-priming time.
  5. easy external adjustment: even if the gap between the impeller and the front sealing plate is increased, it can be easily adjusted by the outside to ensure stable self-suction height and performance.
  6. Removable Cover plate and check valve
  7. Silicon Carbide Seals
  8. 4140 SS shaft
  9. Trailer installation available for municipal
  10. SAE and frame mount available
  11. material availble cast iron, stainless steel and CD4MCU
  12. Quick and easy maintenance: The routine maintenance service is fast and easy to effect, thus saving time and labor. It is specially designed for the specialized sewage maintenance , and can be easily adjusted without removing the pump cover and auxiliary pipeline to ensure the pump runs at Efficiently working conditions.pump manufacturers in china|eu-flo pumppump supplier in china|eu-flo pump