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Pump performance testing

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 Pump performance test processing

Pump performance test of pump manufacturers in china

Pump performance test of pump supplier in china

  1. Check the order information, confirm the capacity, head, efficiency, and power of the pump be tested, and confirm the diameter of the pump flanges;
  2. according to the diameter of the pump flange, tested pump power, select the appropriate test pipeline and test motor;
  3. connect the test pipeline, test motor, power supply and instrumentation sensors;
  4. measuring the ambient atmospheric pressure, water temperature, inlet surface distance;
  5. Input the capacity, head, efficiency requirements, gauge distance, atmospheric pressure and water temperature of the tested pump into the test software;
  6. Vacuum is drawn to fill the pump chamber and the suction line with water;
  7. Jog the water pump to confirm the correct rotation direction ;
  8. start the pump;
  9. Excluding the gas in the pressure sensor pipeline;
  10. Take the point test according to the pump capacity (record the vibration and noise of the pump at the rated point. If you need to confirm the pump bearing temperature rise up, you need to run the pump for 70 minutes , then testing temperature rise up and record it)
  11. Form a pump performance test report and print the test report;
  12. Determine the test results according to the order requirements;
  13. If the judgment is passed, go to the next process;
  14. If the judgment is unqualified, return it to production for improvement, and repeat the above steps after improvement.

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