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Upgrading Efficienty Pump

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Upgrading Efficienty Pump
Upgrading Efficienty Pump

Efficient centrifugal pump energy saving Wonderful effect of pump manufacturers in china

Efficient centrifugal pump energy saving Wonderful effect by pump manufacturers of eu-flo

 In the past, domestic chemical plants basically used ordinary circulating cooling water to transport centrifugal pumps. Because of the low efficiency of such centrifugal pumps, the loss of electrical work is particularly serious. In the second half of 2011, Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. PVC plant successfully upgraded the circulating cooling centrifugal water pump, and the actual energy saving effect reached more than 38%.

In chemical production processing, the heat exchange process of heat and mass transfer must be carried out. Therefore, basically all chemical plants need to use circulating cooling water to transfer heat from the production process and cool it. Circulating cooling water transportation generally adopts a centrifugal pump with high power and large flow rate, because the circulating cooling water is basically a continuous uninterrupted process, and the centrifugal pump consumes a large amount of electric energy. In the past, ordinary circulating cooling water conveying centrifugal pumps used in domestic chemical plants have low efficiency and serious loss of electrical work. Until the last year or two, this problem was solved with the appearance of Efficient centrifugal pumps.

 hereby, the plant successfully upgraded the circulating cooling  centrifugal water pump in the second half of last year. This upgrading first uses the high-efficiency fluid transport technology to detect the calculation equipment, systematically detects and analyzes the circulating cooling water system, analyzes the hydrodynamic characteristics of the circulating cooling centrifugal water pump, and combines the special calculation software to optimize the calculation, and then according to the most Optimized calculation results, select the suitable high-efficiency energy-saving circulating cooling centrifugal water pump, instead of the conventional low-efficiency operation of ordinary circulating cooling water centrifugal pump, the upgrading achieved a one-time success.

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